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Vote YES for Banks Schools

Strong schools enhance property values, attract families and businesses, and contribute to a thriving community for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

Our high school facilities are in critical condition, with failing safety and mechanical systems, leaking roofs, and inadequate heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

We need to invest in safer, more efficient, and modern learning spaces for our high school kids, as well as needed repairs and maintenance across the entire campus. This investment will not only enhance the learning environment for our kids, but also reduce long-term operating costs and extend the life of our existing buildings and infrastructure.

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Planning Responsibly

Thoughtful Investments in campus improvements, with community oversight and a phased approach that makes the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

High School Friends

Prioritizing Health and Safety

Critical repairs and upgrades to ensure that students and staff have a safe and healthy working and learning environment. 

Empowering Futures

Modern, flexible learning spaces that meet today's educational requirements and prepare our kids for 21st century opportunities

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